Air Plant: Tillandsia Xerographica


Air Plant: Tillandsia Xerographica


Tillandsia Xerographica (Air Plant)

This beautiful plant is an epiphyte and can be found growing on other plants in its native habitat.

Product Details: The plant is about 6-7" across

Pairs well with: Brass Mister Plant Care Book

Native to: Mexico, Guatemala and Salvador

Light: They can tolerate direct and indirect sunlight. 

Water: Mist occasionally (more in summer/cry conditions) and give it a 15 minute bath in warm tap water weekly in summer and every other week in winter. Gently shake it out so water is not trapped between its leaves and make sure it is dry in 4 hours.

Temperature: They prefer 60-80 degrees.

Fun Fact: Tillandsias are are bromeliads, and related to pineapples. They get their nutrients from the air and do not need soil. As such, they can be displayed by themselves or create a botanical vignette on a dish or in a glass container, and pair them with rocks and stones to add some sparkle.

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