Dieffenbachia - Multiple Sizes Available


Dieffenbachia - Multiple Sizes Available

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Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane)

This hardy and leafy tropical plant is available in 3 sizes. Please note the actual plants will look similar to the one shown, but as they are living, may have slight color variations. 

Product Details: The plant comes in multiple sizes:

+ 4" pot and is about 12" tall | 6" plastic pot and is about 18" tall | 8" pot and is about 36" tall

Pairs well with: Pottery | Brass Mister | Watering CanPlant Care Book

Native to: Central and South American rain forests

Light: They prefer moderate filtered light. They do well in an East window or bright North window. Turn plant regularly for even growth.

Water: Water when the soil is dry, about once a week. You can also mist the leaves for added humidity.

Temperature: They prefer 65-80 degrees.

Height: 4-5' indoors

Fun Fact: "Dieffenbachia was named by Heinrich Wilhelm Schott, director of the Botanical Gardens in Vienna, to honor his head gardener Joseph Dieffenbach" (via Wikipedia). 

**This plant is available for local pick-up. It can also be potted in our pottery and delivered within Spokane. Contact us with any questions. Online prices include tax. 

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