Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica)


Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica)

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Ficus Elastica (Variegated Rubber Tree)

This tropical plant has beautiful variegated leaves. Please note the actual plants will look similar to the one shown, but as they are living, may have slight color variations. 

Product Details: Planted in a 6" plastic pot and about 15" tall | 8" plastic pot and about 44" tall

Pairs well with: Brass Mister Watering Can|  Plant Care Book

Light: They prefer bright, but indirect light. They also like a non-drafty location.

Native to: India and Malaysia

Water: Check weekly, and water when the top inch or two of soil is dry. May need to water less in the winter.

Temperature: They prefer 65-75 degrees, but can adapt to 60-85 degrees.

Height: 10-12' indoors

Fun Fact: This plant gets its name as it's sticky sap dries into a low quality rubber. It can grow up to 50' tall outdoors! But due to the climate of the Northwest, our plants do best indoors where they can still get over 12' tall, living for 15 years or more. 

**This plant is available for local pick-up. It can also be potted in our pottery and delivered within Spokane. Contact us with any questions. Online prices include tax. 

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